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  2. Catastrophic Injury / Wrongful Death
  3. Molestation / Sexual Assault
  4. Medical Malpractice
Asset 1
ER doctor was negligent in treating 29-year-old car crash victim.
Orange County, California – 2002
$17,600,000 Jury Verdict
Middle-aged woman riding her bike to work was struck by a County truck.
Solano County, California – 2018
$14,000,000 Settlement
Newborn left blind, paralyzed from birth injury.
Maricopa, Arizona – 2001
$8,000,000 Settlement
Child Molestation
Child molestation case against a major international retailer.
Maricopa County, Arizona – 2008
$6,400,000 Settlement
Medical Malpractice
Maricopa County, Arizona – 2019
$6,000,000 Settlement
5-year-old girl killed by falling object in home supply store, Home Depot.
San Diego County, California – 1992
$3,500,000 Settlement
Primary Care Physician negligent by failing to timely diagnose bladder cancer.
Orange County, California – 2006
$3,371,242 Jury Verdict
Medical Malpractice / Birth Injury
Physician failed to recognize mother’s preeclampsia, resulting in injury to infant.
Maricopa County, Arizona – 2016
$3,000,000 Settlement
Medical Malpractice / Birth Injury
Birth injury
Arizona – 2006
$2,750,000 Settlement
46-year-old Army veteran sued the Phoenix VA for failing to diagnose his prostate cancer.
Arizona – 2017
$2,556,000 Verdict
27-year-old struck by Orange County Transit Authority bus in a crosswalk; major hand injury. Largest settlement ever paid by OCTA.
Orange County, California – 2005
$2,500,000 Settlement
Property Management of condominium complex neglects to provide adequate security
– 40-year-old police officer and teenage son ambushed.
Los Angeles County, California – 2001
$2,300,000 Settlement
Medical Malpractice
Pediatrician failed to treat viral brain infection.
Yuma, Arizona – 2009
$2,200,000 Settlement During Trial
Photograph of man taken while he was in the bathroom and distributed to co-workers.
Orange County, California – 1999
$1,500,000 Jury Verdict
Hot Air Balloon crash resulting in personal injury and death.
Albuquerque, New Mexico – 2008
$1,400,000 Million Settlement
Medical Malpractice / Birth Injury
Failure to recognize fetal distress during labor and delivery.
Orange County, California – 2003
$1,400,000 Settlement
Construction Accident
Steelworker fell from scaffolding on construction site due to absence of railing.
Alameda County, California – 2001
$1,400,000 Settlement
Medical Malpractice / Failure to Diagnose
52-year-old woman, a patient of a nationwide HMO – resulted in metastasis.
Los Angeles County, California – 2003
$1,300,000 Binding Arbitration Award
Medical Malpractice / Birth Injury
Failure to perform timely cesarean section causing hypoxic brain injury.
Orange County, California – 2000
$1,300,000 Settlement
Medical Malpractice
Confidential – 2008
$1,300,000 Settlement
Medical Malpractice / Wrongful Death
Trauma surgeon refused to perform emergency cesarean section on mother suffering amniotic fluid embolism
resulting in death of fetus.
Orange County, California – 2000
$1,300,000 Jury Verdict
Sexual Assault
Sexual assault in a care facility.
Maricopa County, Arizona – 2015
$1,200,000 Settlement
Automobile Crash
Automobile crash with head injury.
Los Angeles County, California – 2000
$1,200,000 Settlement
Sexual Assault of a Minor / School District Liability
Orange County, California – 2002
$1,100,000 Settlement
Doctor accidentally cuts crucial nerve of 40-year-old.
San Diego County, California – 1999
$1,100,000 Jury Verdict
Wrongful Death
73-year-old female bled to death in hospital.
Phoenix, Arizona – 2008
$1,100,000 Settlement in Trial Before Closing Argument
Railroad Accident
Engineer injured in railroad accident.
San Bernardino County, California – 2002
$1,090,000 Jury Verdict
Medical Malpractice / Wrongful Death
Settlement after trial and during jury deliberations.
Arizona – 2006
$1,000,000 Settlement
Premises Liability
28-year-old man assaulted by nightclub security while waiting for car in parking lot.
Los Angeles County, California – 2004
$1,000,000 Settlement
Mortuary Negligence
Mortuary failed to properly care for decedent’s remains.
Orange County, California – 1999
$1,000,000 Settlement
29-year-old patient's strep infection misdiagnosed as flu by nationwide HMO, Kaiser Permanente.
Orange County, California – 1999
$848,000 Binding Arbitration Award
Sexual Assault / Invasion of Privacy
Secretary sexually assaulted by her supervisor.
Orange County, California – 2001
$800,000 Jury Verdict